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The 10 Most Famous Cities on the Bank of Rivers (with photos)

    Are you thinking about visiting the most famous cities on the bank of rivers? Or do you want to visit places rich in history, culture, architecture, and adventure? In both cases, you are in the right place.

    Now, you don’t have to look for the famous cities on the bank of rivers for your next tour. We curated this list for you, with all the necessary information and tourist attractions.

    Just scroll down and decide where you want to visit next….

    10 Most Famous Cities on the Bank of Rivers

    The oldest cities in the world are built on river banks. When you visit them, you get a sense of calm but also curiosity. You will not only find yourself close to nature, but also cities on the bank of rivers have the most recreational activities. Rivers serve the cities in many ways and give visitors a new perspective.

     1. Paris City on The River Seine

    cities on the bank of rivers

    The first of the cities on the bank of rivers that I will tell you is about is Paris. Paris is the capital city of France and the most visited tourist attraction in Europe. The river Seine runs through the city and divides it into two parts. Both the left and right banks of the Seine River have beautiful tourist attractions.

    Like most locals, you can have a picnic near the bank. Here you can enjoy your vine from the bar along the Seine. Or have the unique experience of looking at the city on the cruise. The view of the Eiffel Tower and other main attractions will leave you speechless.

    Though you can’t swim in the Seine River, you surely can burn some calories by crossing the Pont Alexandre III Bridge. This bridge connects the two banks of the Seine River and has beautiful architecture.

    If you love fishing, take a fishing permit from any sports store and catch as many fishes as you like. The twist is you can’t eat them, as it is prohibited.

    You should visit this city of love at least once in your life. You will lose your heart in its beauty, French cuisine, fashion, and art.

    2. Cairo City on The River Nile

    Famous Cities on the Bank of Rivers

    The second of my cities on the bank of rivers is also one of the oldest! Cario is Egypt’s capital and ancient civilization. Cairo is your best option if you are looking for adventure, archaeological sites, and rich culture. This city sits on the world’s longest and 30 million years old Nile River.

    The historical sites of Cairo attract thousands of tourists every year. You will see the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Abu Simbel, and many other archaeological ruins there. The Nile cruise is the best way to explore this 5,000 years old ancient civilization.

    Though swimming in the Nile is not prohibited, it is not recommended either, as you can get infected. There is a high risk of exposure to bacteria and other germs. However, you can fish whenever you want and wherever you want. 

    Enjoy water activities like rafting and jet skiing, or go on safari, horse riding, and quad biking. Do whatever you like, and don’t hesitate to explore this city of wonders.

    The best time to visit Cairo is from November to April due to Egypt‘s hot and dry weather, making this one of my favourite cities on the bank of rivers!

    3. Quebec City on The Saint Lawrence River

    Famous Cities on the Bank of Rivers

    Quebec, another from the list of cities on the bank of rivers, is situated on the St Lawrence river in Canada. It is a beautiful city with French and Canadian culture. The fun activities and festivities will keep you busy, whether you visit here in winter or summer.

    The old Quebec City, with stone buildings and narrow pavements, will give you a nostalgic feeling. You will see many historical sites alongside Place Royale and Château Frontenac hotel. 

    Quebec City on the St Lawrence River is a magnificent place for those who want to spend quality time in nature’s arms. At the same time, activities like rafting, skiing (in winter), windsurfing, kite surfing, and swimming satisfy your adventurous side.

    Don’t forget Quebec-Levis Crossing, which joins the north and south shores of the St Lawrence River. It has a breathtaking, picturesque view for photography. You can also take a cruise from Quebec City and explore the St Lawrence River. 

    4. Rome City on The Tiber River

    Famous Cities on the Bank of Rivers

    Rome is an ancient city and the capital of Italy. Rome is also known as The Eternal City and ranks among the top most beautiful cities in the world. Once you visit this mythical city, you will understand why.

    Rome is rich in its religious culture, architecture, and history. Some of the most visited places are Colosseum, Pantheon, Vatican City, Trevi Fountain, and many other historic architectural sites.

    River Tiber runs through the city with so many curves and bends that the sidewalk can be tiring. However, it is worth the effort, as you get to see the city’s deep history. Don’t miss Tiber Island on your way. Two bridges connect this ship-like island so you can walk there.

    You can use a sightseeing cruise to get the most out of your stay and see Rome’s magnificent sites. Swimming in the Tiber is illegal, and if you are considering fishing, don’t forget your license.

    Furthermore, plan your vacation between April and June or September to October. It is the best time to maximize the fun.

    5. New York City on The Hudson River

    Famous Cities on the Bank of Rivers

    In this list of cities on the bank of rivers, we can’t miss New York. It is another city sitting on the bank of the Hudson River. This modern city with the world’s best skyline is ideal for tourism, especially for families.

    New York City has many nicknames. Some called it “The city that never sleeps” and others  ”Big apple”, but we will say it is a place with great skyscrapers. With 303 tall buildings, it holds its position in the top three.

    The Statue of Liberty is situated in the Upper New York Bay of the Hudson River. Only the Statue Cruse ferry can take you to Statue Island. 

    You can visit Central park, Time Square, Empire State Building, and Fifth Avenue. Enjoy your food and vine while staying.

    Swimming is allowed but with great precaution from boats and ferries. You can even fish in the Hudson River. But you have to let go of the fish after catching it.

    Also, don’t forget to see the illuminating night view of New York City and Brookline Bridge. Plan your trip in the fall or spring so you can experience pleasant weather.

    6. London City on River Thames

    Famous Cities on the Bank of Rivers

    When you are looking for cities on the bank of rivers, you can’t miss London. The Thames runs through this old and historic city. London is the capital of the United Kingdom and was first built by the Romans. With a history so rich and deep, there is no doubt that it is a great tourist attraction.

    What amazed people is not its intriguing past, architecture, and culture but its adaptation of modern technology and lifestyle. This Smoke city has seen and endured many good and bad days to stand where it is today.

    Both sides of the Thames behold London’s most beautiful and famous landmarks. Thus, if you want to avoid city traffic, your best option is a Sightseeing cruise. You will see the London Eye, London Bridge, London Skyline, the Houses of Parliament, Historic Greenwich, and much more.

    Similarly, London city is also famous for its Museums, Art Galleries, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and restaurants.

    There are some restricted areas for swimming and fishing, and you can only use specific sites. However, you can enjoy raft making, rowing, and Dragon boat racing at the Thames.

    7. Shanghai City on The Yangtze River

    Famous Cities on the Bank of Rivers

    Shanghai is the biggest city in China and is located at the mouth of the Yangtze River. It is the third-longest river in the world.

    Shanghai is the world’s biggest trading port, making it a hub for commercial, fashion, and business activities. Thousands of people around the globe visit this beautiful modern city every year. Its landmarks have many historical sites like The Bund and Yu garden. In contemporary architecture, you will see The Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Shanghai Disney Land Park.

    Yangtze River has many attractions and allows you a cruise tour. You can see the infrastructure and the display of the natural landscape. The beauty of Three Gorges and Goddess Peak is mesmerizing. 

    This fantastic river provides shelter and food for more than 1/3 of China. Swimming is allowed in some parts of the river, and the Chinese even have many swimming contests. Unfortunately, fishing is no longer allowed as the Chinese government focuses on preserving the ecosystem.

    Shanghai is called the Paris of the East due to its beautiful landmarks and abundant history. If you are planning a visit, the best time is October to November.

    8. Berlin City on The Spree River

    Famous Cities on the Bank of Rivers

    Berlin is the capital of Germany and dates to the 13th century, which makes it a great historical place to visit. Spree is the main river of Berlin that flows through it and adds to the city’s charm.

    This city is versatile in culture, art, food, and architecture. You will see historical and modern architecture side by side. The beautiful landmarks and breathtaking natural scenes keep the tourists coming.

    Berlin is a huge advocate of art. Therefore, music lovers from all over the globe keep coming here. You will find many Opera houses here, and most likely attend a concert while visiting. Don’t forget to see a famous landmark, the TV Tower on Alexanderplatz.

    If you want to party or have a drink, the clubs and bars on the bank of the Spree River will welcome you with open arms. But if that is not your cup of tea, you can stroll around the river and enjoy the serenity and calm. Better yet, get on a boat and enjoy the city’s history with a new perspective.

    Due to pollution and the movement of the ships, swimming is mostly banned here. However, visitors can swim in Berlin lakes, as authorities keep them clean.

    The best visiting time for strolls and outdoor activities is from March through September.

    9. Moscow City on The Moskva River

    Famous Cities on the Bank of Rivers

    Moscow is Russia‘s capital city and sits on the bank of the Moskva River. This highly populated city houses many great scientists, players, and artists. Most importantly, the city is rich with historical sites like Red Square and the Kremlin.

    That’s not all, people love to visit the Moscow Metro, with 246 stations. It is a lifetime experience you shouldn’t miss. For history lovers and art observers, there are many Museums and the Tretyakov Gallery.

    Walking along the river, you can see the landmarks and the alluring city view. It is best to discover the charm of Moscow by river cruise. Though fishing and swimming are not prohibited, it’s not encouraged either due to dirty river water.

    Moscow, another from the list of cities on the bank of rivers, is the only city in the world with 40% land covered with trees, making it the greenest capital and urban city in the world. This adds up to its beauty and charm.

    If you plan to visit Moscow, which has a magnificent river view, choose the months of March and April or September and October. Other times of the year are too cold for any fun activities.

    10. Delhi City on Yamuna River

    Famous Cities on the Bank of Rivers

    India has many cities on the bank of rivers and Delhi is one of them. It is the capital city of India and is on the bank of the Yamuna, also called Jumna. It is a historical city with a vibrant culture and political importance. 

    The Yamuna is not an ordinary river but has great religious importance for Hindus. You will get to hear many exciting legends while visiting this city.

    Delhi city has many preserved monuments, tombs, and forts dated centuries back. People from all over the globe come to see Delhi’s architectural and historical monuments every year. The Red Fort, Qutub Minar, India Gate, and Jama Masjid showcase this city’s rich heritage.

    Swimming is allowed in the Yamuna River, as you will see people performing rituals at the bank of the river. However, the water of the river is polluted and not safe for swimming.

    The Yamuna was the source of transportation for centuries, but now the Delhi Government has stopped the boat trips. 

    Most Famous Cities on the Bank of Rivers- Final Thoughts

    Many of the cities on the bank of rivers are are the most successful in the world. Rivers have provided us with food, transportation, irrigation, and trade for centuries. In modern times we are using rivers for many recreational activities also. 

    The cities on the bank of rivers bring great joy and peace. I hope this brief introduction to the cities on the bank of rivers has been informative for you. If there are any cities on the banks of rivers facts that I have missed out please let me know in the comments below.

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