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13 Interesting Facts About The Owl Of The Desert

    So you want to know some intriguing facts about the owl of the desert? Then you have come to the right place! In this article I share 13 draw-dropping facts about this mysterious animal! Ready to learn more? Read on…

    Do you know that the owl of the desert has a nickname too? These desert owls, called burrowing owls, are fascinating creatures dwelling in a desert’s hot lands. Unlike ordinary owls, these creatures are very fierce and possess exceptional features. 

    Their uncanny abilities help them survive and adapt to the challenging areas of the desert. These are just some general facts; like that, there are many unknown facts about the owl of the desert most people need to learn about. 

    This article will explore the fascinating world of desert owls to uncover interesting facts about these harmless-looking fierce creatures. So, spread your wings and prepare to enter the world of desert owls. 

    1. The Owl of the Desert can Rotate Their Heads 270 Degrees 

    13 interesting facts about the owl of the desert

    The owl of the desert, or you can say the burrowing owls are unique creatures. They are known and studied for their astonishing characteristics. The main feature of their existence is their ability to rotate their heads up to 270 degrees.

    This remarkable ability enables them to dwell well in the dangerous habitat of the desert and be aware of any dangers in their surroundings. Not only this, but this neck rotation allows them to find food and water by just sticking to the tree. 

    With immense flexibility, their vision is strengthened with this 270 degrees turn. This quality of desert owls is unlike other owl species, attracting tourists and researchers alike. It also reinforces their hunting ability as they get their attention on their prey from a distance. 

    2. They Possess a Surprising Feature of Staying Silent in Their Flight

    Another surprising fact about the owl of the desert is that they possess a remarkable feature of staying silent in their flight. But why? It is because staying silent while they fly is crucial for their hunting. 

    They live in harsh desert environments where even a little sound can alert the prey. They are bestowed feathers with notched edges, which help them stay silent, unlike other owls with noisy wings that make apparent sounds. 

    With this fantastic feature, they can attack the prey like a spy and get their hands effectively on their meal. Not only that, but their silent feature saves their lives from the hunters. Researchers say these unique qualities create natural wonders and enhance the ecosystem’s beauty. 

    3. Some Owl of the Desert can Consume Venomous Snakes 

    Snakes, being venomous, are the giant predators of all time, but do you know that these vicious creatures are also prey to the owl of the desert? Some desert owls can consume giant venomous snakes as their meal, making them the most dangerous hunters of the arid lands. 

    With their specialized skills and abilities in hunting, they kill a variety of venomous snakes with precision and enjoy them as their brunch or supper. 

    Their digestive systems can handle and neutralize the poison from snakes and make the owls even more deadly predators. These are some of the fantastic surviving strategies desert owls are born with. 

    4. Owl of the Desert Have Excellent Night Vision

    13 interesting facts about the owl of the desert

    Most people think survival in a hot sandy desert is impossible; how can owls survive there? Well, the owl of the desert has a lot of surprising features that not just allow them to stay under such conditions but help them live a fantastic life. 

    These owls have extraordinary night vision to have a clear view even in the dark. This particular feature helps them find food in the covers of the night. This power of having excellent eyesight also helps them quickly navigate the slightest movements to escape their predators. 

    Unlike other owls, these desert creatures have large, forward-facing eyes, allowing them to view long distances. This shape of their eyes is another resource of their extraordinarily sharp and efficient vision. 

    5. They Possess Unique Camouflaging Patterns, Unlike Other Owls 

    The owl of the desert is like the soldier in the countryside. The desert owls possess unique camouflaging patterns, which is the significant difference between them and all other owl species. They adopt unique practices and blend seamlessly with the sandy lands. 

    The shade of the furs and feathers help them disguise themselves in the terrains of the desert with those brown, beige, and gray patterns. Their specialized camouflaging patterns help them stay nearly invisible during the day and seamlessly blend in the night. 

    This feature of the desert owls provides them an exceptional advantage of escaping potential threats. 

    6. Owl of  the Desert can Detect Even the Faintest Sounds 

    13 interesting facts about the owl of the desert

    As told earlier, the owl of the desert is like a soldier in the countryside, and to be a soldier, one must possess exceptional powers and abilities. Desert owls possess some fantastic features setting their bars higher than any ordinary owl. 

    The owls in the desert have extraordinary hearing capabilities enabling them to detect the faintest sounds in the region. Their auditory prowess is the crucial asset of their survival. The anatomy of a desert owl’s body is so strange that ordinary humans like us can not understand anything about it. 

    For instance, their facial disk works as a sound reflector, allowing them to detect the origin of the sound. They can get an idea of even the deadliest sounds from far away, alerting them of suspicious movement in the deserts. This ability makes them the most feared creature of the deserts. 

    7. They Tend to Display Dances to Impress Potential Mates 

    Did you also think that impressing their loved ones is only human nature? To add to your information, different animals tend to do loving stuff to impress their mates. Like other animals, the owl of the desert has potential mates, which they tend to impress by displaying courtship dances. 

    This courtship dance is the essential essence of their mating traditions. These dances include graceful swings, wing stretches, and coordinated movements followed by hoots of the male desert owl. With these dances, they try to display their prowess, courage, and eligibility to the female owls.

    The female owls tend to love this affectionate behavior of the male owl. In this way, these enchanting displays of such dances get them closer to their potential mate and give them their happily ever after. 

    8. Some Owl of the Desert Have Inhabited Man Made Structures 

    13 interesting facts about the owl of the desert

    With modern civilizations, deserts are also getting human involvement, which is unhealthy for the ecosystem, but society must continue. In certain parts of the world, the owl of the desert has started to inhabit man-made structures efficiently. 

    These structures, such as buildings, are used by desert owls as nesting sites. You can easily find well-made nests on the rooftops. The abandoned structures, poles, and every other artificial structure are an innovative escape for these birds. 

    The availability of such artificial architecture in arid lands allows them to prove their exceptional adaptation quality. This quality of these nocturnal hunters helps in the conversion efforts and contributes to the ecosystem’s healthy maintenance. 

    9. They Play a Crucial Role in Rodent Population Control 

    The owl of the desert significantly keeps a check on rodent populations. Excessive rodent populations influence the ecosystem negatively.  As apex predators, they help keep rodent numbers in check, preventing overgrazing and the spread of diseases. 

    With their exceptional hunting abilities, desert owls kill rodents and maintain a balance between the predators and prey in the deserts. Keeping this control in rodent populations keeps the ecosystem safe from environmental hazards and habitat degradation caused by rodents. 

    10. Desert Owls Have Surprisingly Low Metabolic Rate 

    13 interesting facts about the owl of the desert

    The desert owl is bestowed with exceptional features which allow them to survive in the hot arid lands of the desert. One of those features of the owl of the desert is that it has a surprisingly low metabolic rate. 

    This meager metabolic rate allows them to stay fit and strive for days without food. This energy-saving mode of the desert owls makes them well suited for the resource-scarce region. They conserve energy through their low metabolic rate and maintain their body temperature to live in either too hot or cold weather in the deserts. 

    These fluffy creatures are one of the most resilient creatures that thrive hard to survive and make it to the end of their lives. This is one of the many reasons they are called the lords of the desserts. 

    11. Their Mysterious Hoots and Calls Gave Birth to Various Myths 

    The hoots and calls of the owl of the desert are haunting and resonating, and these hoots have given birth to various myths over the years globally. 

    These enigmatic hoots in the stillness of deserts have always captured human attention. In many cultures worldwide, desert owls are considered supernatural creatures and a symbol of bad luck. However, in other cultures, they are regarded as the symbol of wisdom and protection. 

    In addition, the mysterious hoots are also associated with the tales of lost souls and spirits. These myths are not proven yet are believed and considered sacred in cultures worldwide. Do you believe in any of these myths? 

    12. Desert Owls can Survive on Just Water for Several Days 

    70% of the world and the human body is made up of just water which is the most significant sign of how vital water is for the survival of any creature. However, some animals can survive with little to no water supply.

    Many of those adjusting creatures live in the deserts like camels and owls. Talking about the desert owls, their body is built in such an impressive way that they can survive on just water for days, and even sometimes, a low water supply is enough for them. 

    This ability of the owls of the desert enables them to survive in the water-scarce lands of the desert. Their kidneys work in a way that they absorb water from their waste, maintaining the optimum water levels. 

    In addition, their immune system helps them store water like camels and use it for days. 

    13. Desert Owls can Consume ⅓ of Their Body Weight as One Meal 

    How do you think the desert owl survives without food for days? It is also because of its mind-blowing ability to consume large amounts of food as a meal. It gets to the extent that these desert owls can finish over ⅓ of their body weight, thanks to their expanding digestive system and organs. 

    The owl of the desert attacks as soon as it gets an opportunity, so it consumes more and more in just one meal. As prey, they target reptiles, giant snakes, rodents, and even other birds and finish them at once. 

    This strategy of consuming large portions enables them to stay without food for extended periods. Unlike humans, this remarkable adaptation allows them to live without worrying about food daily. 


    So, that marks the end of this article with 13 interesting facts about the owl of the desert. These creatures are from the most resilient breed of birds who can adapt beautifully to the harsh desert region and make them their home. 

    Their presence symbolizes bravery, courage, nature’s beauty, and the wonders of the earth. Not only this, but their existence also gives a profound message to humanity to be ready to always thrive in challenging situations without worrying about the consequences.

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