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Geography Teaching Resources

The Geography Teacher will be the number 1 choice for geography teaching resources amongst teachers, lecturers and trainers. The extensive resource bank will provide a range of geography teaching resources to those working in secondary schools, colleges and universities from key stage 3 to key stage 5.

The geography teaching resources are differentiated to suit learners of all needs and abilities. There will be a range of activities, case studies, worksheets and PowerPoint presentations, meaning that teachers are well equipped to develop a comprehensive learning programme for their students. 

As any geography teacher will know, the world of geography is dynamic and progressive, with ongoing changes to policy and practice. It is for this reason that the The Geography Teacher geography resources are updated regularly and new resources are developed each month. If there is a particular resource that you require that isn’t part of the bank of resources, then please do get in contact and I will do my best to produce these for you. 

The Geography Teacher

Types of geography teaching resources

There are a range of geography teaching resources available for you to use and adapt for your own classroom, including:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Printable worksheets
  • Interactive activities
  • Case studies
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Glossaries
  • Reading lists
  • Journal articles
  • Web links
  • E-books
  • Role play cards
  • Classroom displays and posters
  • Exam practice

Register your interest

If you would like to know when the geography resources are ready, please register your interest by clicking here.