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Key Stage 3 Geography Resources

Key Stage 3 Geography Resources

The Geography Teacher provides a range of resources to use in your classrooms, including a full suite of key stage 3 geography resources. These resources are differentiated to suit learners of all needs and abilities, encompassing a range of activities, case studies, worksheets and PowerPoint presentations. With these key stage 3 geography resources teachers are well equipped to develop a comprehensive learning programme for their students. 

key stage 3 geography resources

Types of Key Stage 3 Geography Resources

There are a range of key stage 3 geography resources available for you to use and adapt for your own classroom, including:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Printable worksheets
  • Interactive activities
  • Case studies
  • Videos
  • Glossaries
  • Articles and publications
  • Web links
  • Classroom displays and posters
  • Exam practice

Key Stage 3 Geography Topics

The key stage 3 geography resources cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Settlements
  • Exciting places
  • Rivers and flooding
  • Hazards and disasters
  • Population
  • Coasts
  • Tourism
  • Development
  • Ecosystems
  • Biomes and ecosystems
  • Climates and climate change
  • World of water
  • Harsh habitats
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Antarctica
  • Europe
  • Africa

Key Stage 3 Geography Resources- Register Your Interest

The key stage 3 geography resources will be available for download soon. If you are interested in purchasing these resources please register your interest by clicking here.

Key Stage 3 Geography Resources- FAQs

How long will my membership last?

The membership is an annual subscription and you can continue to be a member for as long as you like!

Can I see some sample resources?

These will be available soon.

Who developed the key stage 3 geography resources?

All of the key stage 3 geography resources have been developed by Dr Hayley Stainton and The Geography Teacher team.

What level are these resources designed for?

These resources are designed to be used for teaching key stage 3 geography and can be amended to make them easier/more challenging if needed.

How long will I get access to the resources?

You will have unlimited access to all resources for as long as you continue your subscription, which lasts for 12 months.

My institution needs an invoice- can you send one?

Yes. Please ask your school to email to request an invoice.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you are free to cancel at any time.

Is it possible to pay by bank transfer?

If your educational institution would prefer to pay via bank transfer, please ask them to email to request the details. .

Can I get a refund?

Once you have downloaded the materials you are no longer entitled to a refund. 

Can I edit the resources for my own teaching?

Yes, all resources can be edited to suit your needs.