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12 Longest rivers in the world (with photos)

    Do you want to know more about the longest rivers in the world? Which continents are the longest rivers in the world in? Which countries? Why should you visit the longest rivers in the world? Well, I have all of the answers to these questions and more in this article. So, if you want to learn more about the longest rivers in the world, read on!

    12 Longest Rivers in the World

    Did you know the longest river in the world travels across 11 countries? And not only this, but you can also visit this beautiful river on your next trip! Some of them are located in the deadliest spots, while others are at a perfect vacation spots.

    Whether you have been curious to know about the longest rivers in the world or want to update your bucket list, this article is going to help you in every possible way. Here I will be sharing with you some of the longest rivers in the world that you can’t miss out on visiting. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive into these rivers one by one!

    1. Nile River – 6,650 Km

    longest rivers of the world

    Have you ever heard about a river that actually passes through a whopping 11 countries? Yes, there exists such a river and it is named the river Nile. And because it is one of the longest rivers in the world almost every one of you might have heard about it at some point in your life.

    Because the Nile flows all around Africa and is one of the longest ones there it is also known as the father of African rivers. Its flow begins from central to northeast Africa. As a result, it drains about 2,800 cubic meters of water per second into the Mediterranean sea.

    The White Nile and the Blue Nile are the true sources of the Nile River. This river has a year-round availability of water and mild tropical and subtropical climates along its path. Because of this reason, the river can support extensive farming along its banks.

    Moreover, the river Nile is an important waterway for transportation, particularly during the flood season when highways are closed for extended periods of time.

    2. Amazon River – 6,575 Km

    Longest Rivers In The World

    The Amazon River is the second longest river in the world which apparently runs along seven countries. Running about 6,575 Km this river starts in eastern South America. Not only this, but this is also the river that extends along the world’s longest rainforest and, in the end, discharges itself into the Southern Atlantic Ocean.

    It may not be the world’s longest river, but it is without a doubt, the largest river in the world. The Amazon river has a maximum width of 190 kilometres during the rainy season and an estimated 209,000 cubic meters of water are discharged into the Atlantic Ocean every second. Such a huge amount of water!         

    This second-longest river in the world contributes 20% of the freshwater supply for the ocean, which is one of its most intriguing facts.

    3. Yangtze River – 6,300 Km

    Longest Rivers In The World

    The Yangtze River, which flows entirely within China, is ranked third on the list of the longest rivers in the world. It is the longest river in Asia, running about 6,300 Km. The Yangtze River is also referred to as Da Jiang (the “Great River”), Jiang (the “River”), and Chang Jiang (the “Long River”) in China. Lots of names for a river, right?

    The river travels 6,300 kilometres through China, more than three-quarters of which are spent snaking through mountains. Yangtze river has its source in the Tibetan Plateau while it discharges itself into the East China Sea.

    One lesser-known fact about this 3rd largest river in the world is that it’s China’s principal waterway. Additionally, the Yangtze basin is also home to one-third of the country’s inhabitants.

    Parts of the Yangtze River have dried up due to a record-breaking drought, which has had an impact on hydropower and shipping routes. Not only this but this drought has equally affected the supply of drinking water, and even revealed Buddhist monuments that had been waterlogged in the past.

    4. Mississippi River – 5,970 Km         

    Longest Rivers In The World

    The Mississippi River is 3,730 kilometers long when measured from its traditional source at Lake Itasca. However, when measured from Brower’s Spring in Montana, the river is 5,970 kilometers long. As a result, the Mississippi River is now considered to be the fourth-longest river and makes its place in the longest rivers in the world list.

    More than 145 species of amphibians and reptiles, 260 kinds of fish, and 40% of the migrating ducks in the United States can all be found in the river and its floodplain. Besides being the fourth longest river in the world, it is the third larger watershed in the world.

    The Mississippi River is a hazardous place to be, despite its breathtaking scenery. It has a reputation for being dangerous for swimmers to survive and is the fourth-largest river in the world in terms of drainage area. And each year, individuals are injured or killed while swimming in this water. So, it is better to avoid swimming in the Mississippi river.

    5. Yenisei River – 5,539 Km

    Longest Rivers In The World

    The greatest river to flow into the Arctic is the Yenisei River, which is also the fifth-longest river in the world. The Yenisei, another from the list of longest rivers in the world, drains a significant portion of central Siberia as it travels north to the Kara Sea from its source in Mongolia.           

    Since the beginning of time, numerous nomadic tribes have inhabited the banks of the river, including the Ket and Yugh people. The Yenisei also serves as a winter grazing area for the Taimyr, the largest reindeer herd in the world.

    But if you are planning to take a trip to this surreal river, then let me tell you it is totally unsafe to do so. Sadly, radioactive leakage from a plutonium facility in what is now the city of Zheleznogorsk has polluted the Yenisei river. Because of this reason the water is marked as contaminated and not fit for drinking and even swimming.

    6. Yellow River – 5,464 Km

    Longest Rivers In The World

    The Yellow River is thought to be 5,464 kilometers long, making it the sixth-longest river in the world. Not only is it among the longest rivers in the world but it is also the second-longest river in China.

    The Yellow River rises in the Qinghai province in Western China’s highlands and runs east to the Bohai Sea. It gets its name “yellow” from the muddy water it has. However, it doesn’t have a pleasant history because of its involvement in major floods throughout china.

    Ancient Chinese civilization originated in the Yellow River basin, which was also the nation’s most prosperous region for a considerable amount of time. There have been several significant natural disasters along the river over the years, including catastrophic floods

    Yellow river used to have a surplus amount of water but is no longer flooded because of the modern dams. Hunting, fishing, boating, canoeing, primitive camping, and wildlife viewing are examples of recreational pursuits. All around the region, camping is allowed and you can access the area by the numerous boat landings along the Yellow River.

    7. Ob Irtysh River – 5,410 Km

    Longest Rivers In The World

    The largest river in Russia, the Ob Irtysh, originates in Western Siberia and joins the Irtysh River from Kazakhstan to form the Orb Irtysh. A large portion of Western Siberia is covered by the Ob basin, which includes semi-desert, grassland, woods, and plains.

    The river is heavily used for the movement of people and products throughout the remaining half of each year, even though it is frozen for half of the year. The Ob offers fishing, drinking water, hydroelectric power, and irrigation.

    Not only this but the river hosts more than 50 species of fish. Along the Ob River, there are a number of hydroelectric power facilities, the biggest of which is Novosibirskaya GES. The overall length of the Ob basin’s navigable waterways is 15,000 km (9,300 mi).

    One of the main routes through western Siberia, the Ob river, is navigable for 150 days in its lower levels and roughly 190 in its upper parts of the year. The river is used to transport both imports and exports. The northern sea route, which spans the Arctic, is used to deliver the majority of products there and back.

    8. Río De La Plata – 4,880 Km

    Longest Rivers In The World

    Although the Rio de la Plata is just 290 kilometers long, it is also part of the Rio Grande and the Paraná, meaning that the the Rio De La Plata runs 4,880 kilometres long; making it one of the longest rivers in the world.

    The waterfront of this South American river encompasses the capital cities of Uruguay and Argentina, Montevideo, and Buenos Aires. Because of this reason, the areas having this river is one of the most densely inhabited one in both countries.

    9. Congo River – 4,700 Km

    Longest Rivers In The World

    The Congo River, possibly the most enigmatic river in Africa, flows partially through the untamed virgin rainforest. The entire Congo River and basin region are seen as crucial to the ecological health of the world due to the widespread destruction of the rainforests.

    This river Flows from the southern DRC to the Atlantic Ocean and twice crosses the equator, providing water to a variety of forest-dwelling animals. These animals might include; forest elephants, gorillas, lions, hyenas, antelope, and more than 600 species of fish.

    One of the largest rivers in the world, the Congo River in Central Africa, flows into the Atlantic Ocean at a rate of 1.25 million cubic feet per second. This is equivalent to approximately 13 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Any river in the world other than the Amazon has less flow than that.

    Swimmers should exercise caution on Congo Beach. This remote, dangerous beach frequently has deep, long coastal troughs and persistent rips. If swimming here, you must exercise extreme caution.

    10. Amur River – 4,444 Km

    Longest Rivers In The World

    The Amur River winds 2,824 kilometres to the east, forming a large portion of the border between Northeast China and Russia’s Far East. Its length, including the river that serves as its source, is 4,440 km. In China, the Amur is referred to as Heilong Jiang, which translates to “Black Dragon River.”

    The river, which is home to about 100 species of fish including 20 species of indigenous carp, and Siberian salmon is mostly fed by monsoon rains. These rains usually fall during the summer and autumn, causing yearly floods from May to October.

    One of the world’s longest undammed rivers, the Amur transports agricultural goods and raw resources from Russia‘s vast Siberian areas. It is navigable for much of its length and can be accessed through boats, ships, or cruises.

    If you are a family person then the Amur river is the right vacation spot for you! There are several outdoor activities available in the Amur Region. In the area, you may go kayak rafting, cave hiking, hang gliding, dog sledging, and mountain skiing.

    The water tourist sector is highly established in the Amur Region. Along the Bureya river is one of the busiest routes. You will definitely enjoy your time there!

    11. Lena River – 4,400 Km

    Longest Rivers In The World

    The eleventh longest river in the world on the list is the Lena River. This is another Russian River that empties into the Laptev Sea. It is also the river that flows the longest throughout Russia.

    Only 130 days a year does the ice on the river melt because it is located in locations that receive extreme cold. Every year, when the ice melts in the spring, extreme flooding results. During winters, when the water is frozen, fish of all kinds and migrating birds live in the Lena river.

    The Lena Pillars, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are locations with prehistoric rock inscriptions and magnificent spots for hiking, rafting, fishing, and other sports. They are located on the banks of the Lena River, and during the summer, boats can be used to reach specific sections of the river.

    12. Mekong River – 4,350 Km

    Longest Rivers In The World

    The Mekong is a transboundary river in Southeast Asia that flows through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It is among the longest rivers in the world and begins on the Tibetan Plateau. With an estimated length of 4,350 km, it ranks as the twelfth longest river in the world and the seventh longest in Asia.

    This river will amaze you as it passes through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam on its way to the South China Sea. This river, which is referred to by different names in every nation, is home to 16 of the “Global 200” WWF ecoregions.

    The Mekong river is particularly well-known for the quantity and variety of huge fish species it sustains. Apart from various species of fish, the river is well known for the woodlands that surround the river which is home to amazing birds and mammals.

    Longest Rivers In The World- Bottom Line

    So, here you come towards the end of our today’s list of the longest rivers in the world. Hopefully, I have answered all of your queries, and this article was fun to read until the end. If you enjoyed this post on the longest rivers in the world, have a look at some other interesting posts here: