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The 15 Best Rivers in Texas + photos

    Do you want to learn more about the rivers in Texas? Whether you are planning to visit one of these spectacular rivers or you simply want to learn more, I have you covered in this article. Keep reading to learn more about the best rivers in Texas…

    The best rivers in Texas

    Rivers in Texas

    Are you having doubts about which rivers in Texas you should visit or what else you should see around them? Here, you will discover more about the rivers in Texas, their geological characteristics, cultural and historical significance, untamed beauty, and other recreational opportunities.

    Texas, often known as the Lone Star State, is renowned for its landmarks, cuisine, music, and technical advancements. Aside from that, Texas is one of the US States with majestic beauty embedded within its rivers. Let’s find out more about them.

    1. Guadalupe River

    Rivers in Texas
    Guadalupe River By trivago

    One of the rivers in Texas that is well-liked by people is the Guadalupe River since it is great for tubing and fishing. Up to 230 miles of the River flow into the Gulf of Mexico. However, you can track down the River in New Braunfels, Texas.

    The River offers a variety of visitor-friendly rural tourism and recreational opportunities in addition to being known for its swimming, camping, and fishing. You can go trekking in the area close to the river, and there are also some bike routes you can use. Camping is an option in addition to fishing.

    When the River’s water level is moderate, you can try kayaking, canoeing, and tubing. Visit nearby parks and discovery centers in addition to participating in activities to learn more about the ecology of the endangered species.

    Tourists are welcomed to visit the River any time of year. Winters bring the River’s water close to freezing, nevertheless. In light of this, it is advised that you visit it between the summer and the spring.

    2. Brazos River

    Rivers in Texas
    Brazos River By Christopher_Boswell

    The tragic history of the War between the Texas Navy and the Mexican Navy, the Brazos River, represents the significance of the lives of the people of Texas. Another factor contributing to, one of the most visited rivers in Texas, popularity is that it flows 1,280 miles from the Blackwater Draw to the Gulf of Mexico.

    The Brazos River is great for boating, kayaking, tubing, and fishing. However, you can even think about summing in the river if you enjoy chilly batting. You will see other activities near the river on the other side. It offers retail establishments, regional Mexican beverages, hiking, and camping.

    While exploring the area, you might run into bobcats, white-tailed deer, foxes, and other creatures. You will witness catfish, freshwater drums, and other animals in the water. You can discover alligators near the river’s banks, and they are the ones who offer us the warning sign.

    3. Colorado River (Texas)

    Rivers in Texas
    Colorado River (Texas) By imagesourcecurated

    The Colorado River is one of the rivers in Texas that starts and ends in the same state. That makes it peculiar among the other rivers. Since Texas shares a border with the Gulf of Mexico, it creates its course explicitly in Llano Estacado on Texas’ western side and terminates there (Gulf of Mexico). However, there are a few small streams that empty into nearby lakes and oceans.

    Around the riverbanks, the Colorado River also provides various leisure opportunities. However, due to some mining operations and flooding, swimming in the river won’t be possible.

    What are your options? You can gain from fishing if you are an angler. When you see all the different fish species, you will be astounded. The species include catfish, freshwater drum, gar, carp, white bass, and largemouth bass.

    4. Rio Grande River

    Rivers in Texas
    Rio Grande River By Mint_Images

    The Rio Grande River is notable among the natives for two reasons. First, enslaved people in Texas used it as a route to flee. Second, more than two million acres of agricultural land are watered using the river’s water.

    Although it draws visitors from all over the world because of its majestic beauty and magnetism, there are a lot of parks and locations you should include on your bucket list. National Parks and the Hot Springs Canyon Trail, for instance. These locations provide hiking, tubing, and a swimming spot close to the riverbank.

    Take safety precautions first, and do not take a long bath in the Rio Grande River if you merely go there to swim. Studies have demonstrated that the river’s water contains bacteria.

    5. San Marcos River

    Rivers in Texas
    San Marcos River By Pinterest

    San Marcos is another from the list of rivers in Texas notable for agrarian, domestic, and recreational activity. First, you can track down the river at the heart of the county, San Marcos. It opens the door to many Springs worth visiting, for instance, Rio Vista Park and Purgatory Creek Natural Area.

    The other fact that makes San Marcos River popular is due its rich ecosystem. The river is home to many unseen water creatures and endangered fish species. With all these majestic, you will also encounter some alligators and snakes.

    Near the riverbanks of the San Marcos, you will be able to sunbathe during tubing, boating, snorkeling, and, above all, you can enjoy swimming too. Above and beyond, you can visit the river any time of the year. But for precautionary measures, visit their website first.

    6. Trinity River

    Rivers in Texas
    Trinity River By fijitime

    All rivers in Texas have some reasons to become popular among people. In contemporary times, the Trinity River is famous due to the longest run (that is 710 miles) and third most contaminated Texas’s river, USA.

    The entire river cannot be seen in a single direction. It originates in Grayson County, flows to Kaufman County, and includes numerous headstreams, creeks, and lakes. There are several tourist destinations and landmarks throughout the large area.

    On the contrary, the Trinity River is polluted enough not to swim in, and the reasons are above and beyond. On the other side, you can enjoy river running, kayaking, and canoeing by renting a boat from local vendors. The most remarkable seasons for such activities are the summer months, but before you set out on a boat excursion, check the water level.

    What else can you anticipate both inside and outside the river? You might witness striped bass, flathead, blue and yellow catfish, channel catfish, gar, Atheriniformes, mosquitofish, and other species in the river. Despite this, you can still find alligator residents on land or near riverbanks.

    7. Red River Of South – Texas, USA

    Rivers in Texas
    Red River Of South – Texas, USA By riverlorian

    Another important river is the Red River, which serves as a source of irrigation for various agricultural fields. It is regarded as the largest river in South America. The Red River has a complicated flow pattern with numerous streams, rivers, and lakes. However, it starts in Texas and spreads through Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, the other states of the USA.

    You could make a stop close to the Red River Gorge Geological Area, Red River Gorge, and other parks for leisure activities. The area around the Red River is picturesque and home to a stunning rock formation, as well as areas where you can go hiking, rock climbing, fishing, and canoeing.

    8. River Pecos

    Rivers in Texas
    River Pecos By nmpoliticalreport

    One of the rivers in Texas that naturally flows from the distinctive New Mexican mountains to the Rio Grande is the Pecos River. Through West Texas, the creek travels more than 1000 miles. The river’s water flows past these mountains and into the Chihuahuan Desert (Northern side). The river’s flow and unique structure make it a top choice among locals and visitors.

    You can engage in a variety of recreational activities close to the riverbank. However, there are just a few places, such as Carlsbad, the Santa Fe National Forest, and NM-63, where swimming is an option.

    While visiting the rivers, you might consider staying close to Pecos National Historical Park and Pecos Wilderness for hiking and fishing. You will see Rainbow Trout, Cutthroats, and other native seawater creatures in marine life.

    9. Frio River

    Rivers in Texas
    Frio River By estivillml

    The Frio River is one of the rivers in Texas that are most popular as a tourist attraction. The river contains clear water, majestic natural scenic beauty, and incredible wild seawater creatures.

    The name gives you an idea that you’re going to meet the chillness in the river. Despite that, you will swim, snorkel, and tub in the river. Hunting, climbing, and horseback riding on the land near the river are the recreational activities you will encounter. Above and beyond, the helicopter ride will give you a view that you’ll never forget.

    10. San Antonio River

    Rivers in Texas
    San Antonio River By polga2

    The San Antonio River unquestionably presents a magnificent image to the spectator. But there are countless reasons why it could become well-liked by the residents. The water from the river is utilised for various things, such as drinking, irrigating farmland, driving the wheels of mills, and other tasks.

    According to the legislation, we have seen swimmers in the river even though it is illegal to swim there. However, you can engage in various recreational pursuits to extend the enjoyment of your trip.

    Your bucket list should include the San Antonio River Walk. You get the chance to take a boat out on the river for up to 15 miles. The incredible food, music, and events there will impress you.

    11. Lavaca River

    Rivers in Texas
    Lavaca River By Patrick Feller

    The headwater of the Lavaca River rises in Gonzales County and empties into the Gulf of Mexico through its streams. With a 112-mile run stream and low water levels, the people enjoy taking a dip in the river. Nevertheless, research has indicated that coli bacteria are present there.

    Despite this, there are still three things you can do. You may see the river by boating. Another leisure activity you might enjoy is fishing. Last but not least, if you don’t mind heights, see the Lavaca River dam.

    12. Sabine River

    Rivers in Texas
    Sabine River By Wikimedia

    The Sabine River is one of the rivers in Texas that connect with the Gulf of Mexico directly via the Sabine Pass. Moreover, the river is also famous due to the strong flow of the water. Despite that, you can swim and go on a boat riding and fishing.

    For more advanced fun, you can stop nearby the Sabine Pass Water Park and enjoy snorkeling, tubing, and canoeing by renting the required stuff. You’ll also get exposure to the local food, residential significance, and bird watching.

    Similarly, aquatic and land-inhabitant creatures will be there to accompany you. Although, take help from the resources if you see an alligator near you.

    13. Comal River

    Rivers in Texas
    Comal River By Newbraunfelsescapes

    The Comal River has become known to natives and tourists due to being the shortest River in Texas. Along with it, the water flow is smooth, making it more convenient for scuba diving and tubing.

    What makes the tubing at Comal River different from others? Firstly, there isn’t any river you can see and wonder about in a day. Tubing in the River will start your journey from Wurstfest grounds, then take you to Schlitterbahn Waterpark, which will drop you near the Guadalupe River. One of the experiences that you must take.

    Aside from this, you can also watch Landa falls near the Comal River. Moreover, there are zoos, parks, and museums that you can track down near the River.

    14. Medina River

    Rivers in Texas
    Medina River By moizhusein2022

    You can map out the Medina River in Madina Valley, South Central Texas. The water flows 120 miles from Bandera County and ends in the San Antonio River. Although, you will cross many springs located at the rivers.

    The River is less crowded than the other rivers in Texas, and you can enjoy a peaceful floating ride in the River. The wildlife in the forest (near the land of the River) will give you another tourism experience.

    What other things can you do near the River? One is kayaking, and the other is an overnight camping stay near the River. That recreational activity isn’t available in most Texas rivers due to alligator signs. 

    15. Neches River

    Rivers in Texas
    Neches River By marinas

    The Neches River streams 416 miles of water from the County of Van Zandt and terminates the flow at Sabine lake. It covers the East of Texas and is known as the “last wild river” of it. That makes it eminent among locals. 

    You can take a boat ride from the riverbank that will show you the untamed beauty of the River in two hours and expose you to the wildlife around the forests. You will be amazed to discover the different and endangered wood, mammals, reptiles, and aquatic life species. The Neches River is often referred to as the ‘last wild river’.

    The Best Rivers in Texas- Final Thoughts

    The natural magnificence of Texas is best exemplified by its rivers. The rivers in Texas are clean, colorful and run downstream, creating a surreal appearance for everyone. No doubt that the rivers in Texas are building the most picturesque regions of the State.

    Texas’s rivers advance the sources for recreational activities and a way of life. None can deny the benefits each river provides to its locals. However, the river’s future is unclear due to pollution and flooding. The authorities are taking action by boosting the water quality with chemicals and constructing the dam. It’s hoped the environment will become safe sooner for everyone.

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