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The 15 Most Impressive USA Rivers

    Which are the most impressive USA rivers and why are they so impressive? Whether you are planning to visit one of the best USA rivers or you simply want to learn more, I have lots of fascinating information in this article for you. Ready to learn more about the most impressive USA rivers? Keep reading…

    The Best USA Rivers

    USA Rivers

    Have you been planning a  vacation to the US but don’t know how to make the most out of it? If your answer to that was a “yes,” read this article to learn about some breathtaking US Rivers you might have never heard of. Besides the Golden Gate Bridge and Hollywood, the United States has been famous for its picturesque rivers beautifully carved all around the country.

    Yearly a number of tourists visit these rivers to swim, fish, and even float down into them. In today’s blog, I will share with you some of the most impressive USA rivers you don’t want to miss out on your next trip there. So, without further ado, let’s dive into them one by one.

    1. Columbia River, Oregon

    USA Rivers
    Columbia River, Oregon By Dorey Kronick

    The Columbia River is the fourth largest USA river, surrounded by pine tree forests. This river is located in the pacific northwest and stretches 1243 miles. Initially, the Columbia river starts its flow from Canada’s British Columbia and empties itself into Washington and Oregon.

    You can swim or wade at the Columbia river, but be careful as there are no lifeguards there. Suppose you aren’t a fan of swimming or getting into the water. In that case, you can also walk along the waterfront and discover some hidden waterfalls.

    There are a number of mountains surrounding the gorgeous Columbia River. You can arrange a day hike or follow the wildflowers at Rowena Crest. In short, there are hundreds of things to explore at the Columbia River.

    2. Kenai River, Alaska

    USA Rivers
    Kenai River, Alaska By MICHAEL DEYOUNG

    If you are a massive fan of sport fishing, then the Kenai River in Alaska would instantly become your favorite of all the USA rivers. It runs 82 miles and is one of the longest rivers in the Kenai Peninsula.

    The water running through the Kenai River seems mesmerizing partly because it gives out a turquoise hue. Visitors often love to stroll along the Kenai river corridor because the area is free of motors.

    Kenai  River is one of the most well-known USA rivers, which is also a home ground for millions of pacific salmon. Besides salmon, this turquoise water is well known for trout fishing. You can experience the finest fishing at the Kenai river regardless of your fishing skills.

    3. Hudson River, New York

    USA Rivers
    Hudson River – New York By diegograndi

    The Hudson River is one of the most well-known USA rivers, famous for carrying commerce between New York Harbour and the Great Lakes. It is 315 miles long and flows north to south in New York.

    Each and everything about the Hudson river and its surrounding area is unreal. The Hudson river has a lot of exciting sites to explore, ranging from grandeur parks to historical sites.

    This river is open to every kind of water sport, including kayaking, cruising, or swimming. When none of these activities piques your interest, you can simply sit back and contemplate the breathtaking surroundings.

    4. Rio Grande, Texas

    USA Rivers
    Rio Grande, Texas By Texashighways

    The Rio Grande begins at Colorado’s southern Rocky Mountains San Juan Mountains peak. Before starting its voyage through the southern border of the United States, it runs for around 400 miles and eventually curves around New Mexico.

    Because this water body stretches wide, you can enjoy plenty of sports there. The Rio Grande has a lot of water sports to offer, including floating, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boating, and rafting.

    Don’t forget to look around the Rio Grande if you enjoy waterfalls. Inside the El Yunque national forest, you will find some of the most famous waterfalls of the Rio Grande. You can also go for a hike or camping if you aren’t fond of water sports.

    5. Colorado River, Arizona

    USA Rivers
    Colorado River, Arizona By ChantelleL3

    The Colorado River is one of the major rivers in the Southwest of the United States and northern Mexico. This is one of the most famous USA rivers because of its dramatic canyons and white water.

    Visitors flock towards the Colorado river due to its massive waterfalls. These waterfalls have provided some of the most gorgeous backdrops for photographs since decades. Water at the Colorado river is crystal clear and a treat for nature lovers.

    Some of the most favorite activities at the Colorado river include; rafting and hiking expeditions. You can still camp close to the river and admire the scenery if you’re too lazy to do anything.

    6. Hanalei River, Hawaii

    USA Rivers
    Hanalei River, Hawaii By Feridun F. Alkaya

    The Hanalei is one of the most beautiful USA rivers in Hawaii and is approximately 2 miles long. This USA river is surrounded by surreal mountains and lush greenery, which is gorgeous to stare at.

    During the summers, the Hanalei river is ideal for boating and swimming. However, the bay is a popular surfing location in the winter when the weather is much more pleasant. Besides surfing, Hanalei is an excellent spot to start kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding.

    Swimming at Hanalei Bay is only safe from June to August because of the choppy sea conditions. Fall and spring might be good times to visit Hanalei for swimming near the pier.

    7. Snake River, Wyoming

    USA Rivers
    Snake River, Wyoming By Nick Havrilla

    The Snake River is one of the most recognized USA rivers mainly because of its scenic finishing and tributary streams. It is the largest tributary of the Columbia River, the longest river in North America, and is 1,078 miles long.

    For adventure lovers, Snake river is the ultimate vacation spot while you are having a stay in the US. This river has a number of recreational activities to try out, including white water rafting, fishing, boating, and much more.

    When you visit the Snake river, be sure to pack a swimsuit because there is a great swimming hole nearby. You can jump off the rocks into the sea and enjoy a picnic here. For Instagrammers, this river is a perfect spot to capture a wonderful portrait with the Falls.

    8. Tennessee River, Tennessee

    USA Rivers
    Tennessee River, Tennessee By tnvacation

    The Tennessee river is one of the main tributaries of the Ohio River. It starts from east Knoxville and is about 652 miles long. The Tennessee River is 9 feet deep on average and crosses through numerous cities, a number of dams, and several states.

    Some popular activities among visitors at the Tennessee river are; hiking, camping, bird watching, kayaking, hunting, fishing, boating, and climbing. You can also have a good time exploring river banks and wandering around trails.

    One of the amazing things about the Tennessee river is that it has a number of beautiful waterfalls. With a height of about 256 feet, the state park in Tennessee has the largest waterfall in the eastern United States.

    9. Animas River, Co

    USA Rivers
    Animas River, Co By Mike McBey

    Animas river is among the most astounding USA rivers, also known as the river of lost souls. This river is situated in the western United states and is a tributary of the San Juan river.

    Try lounging at the beaches near the Anima River if you want to have a pleasant day. You can swim until the sun sets behind the mountains on the Animas River’s Lake Nighthorse.

    In the center of Durango, the Animas River offers “Gold Medal” trout fishing chances for brown and rainbow trout. Public access is excellent for float, bank, or wade fishing on this 7-mile stretch of river.

    10. Allegheny River, Pennsylvania

    USA Rivers
    Allegheny River, Pennsylvania By Alleghenyriverstone

    In western Pennsylvania and New York, the Allegheny River is a 325-mile-long headwater tributary of the Ohio River. The wonders of the Allegheny River are well known to the visitors of Pennsylvania and Western New York.

    Although the river lacks whitewater rapids found in the west USA rivers, it still allows boaters to float down the river for a fun day out. If you get to ride the boats at this river, get ready to witness beautiful views of the Allegheny National Forest and the green area next to it.

    Numerous tourists visit the Allegheny river every summer to kayak and canoe. It’s simple to understand why this river is included in the nation’s Wild and Scenic Rivers System. 

    11. Upper Delaware River, Pennsylvania

    USA Rivers
    Upper Delaware River, Pennsylvania By National Park Service

    The upper Delaware river spans between Hancock and Sparrow Bush, New York. This is a 73-mile river that runs parallel to the Pennsylvania border. The Roebling Bridge is the most well-known spot here, which extends on the Delaware river. It is considered the oldest wire cable suspension bridge still in use.

    Apart from bridges and waterfalls, the upper Delaware river is the home to the Zane Gray House and Museum. You can swim in the water here; however, it is better to stay away from the shallow ends for safety purposes.

    One of the well-liked activities on the Delaware River is a sunset cruise, and many people come here to take in the beautiful scenery. Besides sporting, upper Delaware is also famous for its trout fish and eagle watching. Make sure to try out everything and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

    13. Crooked River, Oregon

    USA Rivers

    The crooked river is one of the USA rivers with this weird name. This Crooked Wild, and Scenic River in Central Oregon travels along the Ochoco Mountains. The location of this river is close to Lake Billy Chinook, nearby the Deschutes River.

    Thankfully the Crooked river is nothing like its name and is famous for its fun recreational activities. Fishing, hiking, backpacking, camping, animal and nature observation, whitewater boating, picnics, swimming, hunting, and photography are some activities available at the Crooked river in the USA.

    The Crooked River, running from Bowman Dam to Mile Marker 12, is the best fishing place. However, if you are looking for water to fly fish, look into the starting part of this 8-mile stretch.

    You can also visit the Crooked River Ranch and the adjacent state park to spend quality time. Here you can play games like golf, tennis, and pickleball. If you don’t feel like doing anything, you may just get a cup of coffee and observe the magical flora all around.

    14. Skagit River, Washington

    USA Rivers
    Skagit River, Washington By Jmabel

    The Skagit river is among the largest and most vital USA rivers. This river runs 150 miles long, and its tributaries drain an area of about 1.7 million acres of the Cascade Range. It starts at Allison Pass in southwest British Columbia, Canada, and travels 150 miles until emptying into Skagit Bay.

    This Skagit River is the ideal location to visit if you love birds. Its floodplain is home to a broad range of creatures, including bald eagles, migratory birds, and Skagit salmon. While you are there, you can enjoy a variety of fishing options, including catching salmon, steelhead trout, and many other species.

    Apart from fishing, you can also enjoy the whitewater at the Skagit river while rafting. Don’t forget to visit other amusing sites surrounding the Skagit river, like the Roozengaarde Display Garden, Little Mountain park, and the Lincoln Theater.

    15. Provo River, Utah County

    USA Rivers
    Provo River, Utah County By Utahvalley

    The Provo River has its source deep within the Uinta Mountains and comes to rest at Utah Lake. Its picturesque middle channel is famous among anglers all around the world. This river flows through pastureland and cottonwood forests. It has 3,000 fish per-mile population, the majority of which are brown trout.      

    Additionally, the Provo River can be unsafe to swim in or play in since the water is chilly and swift. Because of this reason, summer can be the ideal time to visit this gorgeous river.

    The Provo River may have high water levels, but there are still areas where paddle boarding is possible. The ramp below the Deer Creek Dam is a fantastic place to start this water activity.

    You can’t go wrong starting at the Bunny Farm Meadows if you’re searching for some popular areas along the Provo River. This part of Provo is fantastic in the spring and is located at the top of North River Meadows, a drive away from the River Road.

    The Best USA Rivers- Bottom Line

    So, this concludes my list of the 15 most impressive USA rivers. I am sure you have already added a few of the locations mentioned here to your bucket list. If you enjoyed this article on the best USA rivers, then I am sure you will like these too-